Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Scone Factor

Blood Orange Scones

I love interesting and unusual flavor combinations. I like to experiment with newly discovered (or newly on trend) flavors and try to work them in to whatever I am baking. Not every attempt is a resounding success. Like the ever fresh and on trend strawberry and basil combo didn't really work well in my scones...they tasted more like strawberry shortcake meets pizza. Though I'm sure if I keep at it I will find a way to protect the integrity of the flavors.

I have had some success with other versions of my scones which I bake for a local Bistro. Oddly enough I had never baked a scone in my life before they ordered them. My husband had to show me how to make them! But after a year of faithfully baking them at least once a week I've come up with some winners:
  1. lemon raspberry (or blueberry)
  2. white chocolate raspberry with lime zest
  3. lemon lavender
  4. lavender earl grey
  5. chai tea
  6. coconut dream
  7. maple bacon
  8. brown butter thyme and Gruyere (or Parmesan)
  9. strawberries n' cream
  10. orange and dark chocolate
  11. cinnamon baked apple
  12. cherry and vanilla bean
  13. white chocolate pear & hazelnut
  14. blood orange (pictured above)

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