Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stalking Martha

A glorious girls trip to Bar Harbour turned into a little extended adventure to Seal Harbor where baking (cooking, organizing, crafting) maven Martha Stewart spends her summers. Of course we didn't see her...and I think I'd probably hide if I did...I'm sure she'd take one look at me and her all-knowingness would sense how disorganized my house is. But for every breathtaking view of the ocean between the lush forest canopies, it's no wonder she'd be inspired to be creative.

It has given me pause to think about what inspires me to be creative. Bring on the Pinterest! I love this online inspiration board site...some call it another waste of time - but I truly do garner inspiration from my boards. Living in as small a town as I do, there is little to feast the eyes on to fill up my creativity stores. Pinterest has come to my rescue when I am creatively parched.

You can peek at (or follow) my boards here:

What inspires you to be creative?


  1. Pretty things. Mostly things made of paper. And tactile. Very tactile. I am pretty anti-primary colours. Peony flowers. Orchids. Letterpress. Brownandgreen. Greyandshadesofwhite. Antique lace. China patterns. Fonts. Tiny things. I could go on...

  2. Sounds lovely, Meg! I am inspired by your version of pretty!