Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Here we go 'round the mulberry bush...

Have you ever started out on a road trip without a map? Some people love that sort of spontaneity. I like spontaneity but I love having my bearings. Even if there is no specific destination planned I like knowing where I can go at any moment so I don't end up driving in circles and not really getting anywhere.

Since setting out on this path to having my own business I feel like I've had to be my own cartographer. There is no specific map for exactly what I'm trying to do. There are directions for bits of what I'm doing and they come from all levels of government and business associations. I've been on the phone, online, in person and I still do not have a complete map that takes me to my destination. Not even to phase one. But I have a ton of information to places I don't want to go. It's like asking for directions to a store across town and handed a world atlas.

I'd like for Garmin to come up with a GPS system specifically for business start-up. A tool where I can plot my course and a friendly voice (maybe Colin Firth) can lead me step by step until I've reached the first leg of my trip.

Since that likely won't happen in the next week or so, I am left to survey and document this seemingly uncharted path. This is doable. I have some tools. I have, after all, my atlas, which in the very least will keep me from ending up in China before I've found St. Stephen. If I could just find my bearings...

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  1. if anyone can do this, it is you! did you know that donnie & karen had a bakery in town (way before our time) - not sure if they have an old map you could follow???