Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh for the love of Pete!

Heads up those east of Quebec...when you do a name search for your business from a group called NUANS (as per the instructions from Canada Business), the federal name search is unnecessary unless you plan to go national. So I cannot register my business name until I have a NUANS report for the Atlantic provinces, according to the business registry in Fredericton.

My question: why wouldn't a federal name search suffice since it includes the Atlantic provinces in the report...especially when it comes from the same source?


I need a cup of tea and an episode of BBC's Not Going Out to cure the grumps...maybe two episodes. I'm pretty pipped.


  1. what!! oh man!

    how did you find out so fast... i haven't received anything in the mail :(

  2. They called me. I have a number to call for a Charlotte County name search...and, of course, no one answered.